A Kind of Honesty is Out on Audiobook Now!

images-1Audio release day always seems to come as a surprise. You know it’s happening but you’re not sure exactly when. lol.  Yes, A Kind of Honesty is officially available on Audible.com now.  I’ve been looking forward to hearing Seth Clayton’s narration of Tim and Carter’s story. He is amazing! I love what he’s done with the other books in this series. Take a listen to the sample here.KindofHonesty[A]_FBprofile_OptizimedForFeedAnd because timing is everything, we’re just a couple weeks away from the cover reveal and DSP pre-orders for book #4, A Kind of Home. I’m looking forward to introducing readers to my recent book crush. Adam is my kind of guy…smart but a total goofball. 🙂

*This guy is my inspiration for Adam…  (swoon!!)38828d4d3f22adeb487645d12521c45bLots of new material coming this summer! Did I mention I have back-to-back releases in June? Busy, busy… I’ll be sure to keep my blog updated for the July and August dates, but put June 22 and 23 in your calendars for now! <3

Happy Reading!  Lane xo

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