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My precious blog has collected a bit of dust. I’d apologize but my excuse is pretty damn good!  I have back-to-back releases coming next month. Woohoo!  This is a first for me. Add RT and RL and you could say May has been busy and June will be off the charts! LOL

About these releases…

A Kind of Home, #4 in A Kind of Stories, will be out on June 23.  I’m super excited to introduce Isaac’s story. It’s a bit of a departure in some ways from the first three books. The fledgling band that struggled to find gigs and only dreamed of a recording contract in A Kind of Truth is huge now. Mega huge! Think of your favorite band times ten and call them Spiral. We’re talking One Direction big…except rock and roll. The thing about celebrities is they’re hard to relate to… unless you introduce pieces of home. Hint, hint. Did I mention I’m in book-boyfriend lust with Isaac’s man?  And then there’s Isaac…

The day before AKH is here, I’ll be releasing a short story called A Way With Words. It’s a little something for Felice Steven’s Kindle World launch for her Breakfast Club/Memories series. But this teensy story doubled in size from a 15k project to closer to 30k. I suppose I’m long-winded because that’s well over 100k in words from Lane coming very soon! Like my A Kind of Series, A Way With Words is set in NYC. Instead of rock stars with big dreams, we have a couple of regular guys dealing with family, jobs and the fear associated with acknowledging who they are. Look for Tony and Remy’s story on June 22. This is my inspiration for Tony… I know, right? <3

In other news, it looks like Leaning Into Touch, #3 in my newest San Fran series, will be out in September. A short story featuring Zane and Eric from Leaning Into Love will be released a couple of weeks prior. I was aiming for sooner release dates but honestly, I have too much going on in RL with a graduating senior heading to college. I get emotional thinking about all the changes coming. They’re all good but wow, time flies!

In case you missed it, A Kind of Honesty was released in audio last month. Seth Clayton knocked it out of the part again. He’s very upbeat and nuanced. I love his narration style. In fact, I love it so much I asked him to narrate Leaning Into Love! He’s on board and we’re hoping for an August release. Fingers crossed! *Check out the sample for A Kind of Honesty on audio here.

So much going on and I didn’t say a word about RT yet. I loved seeing old friends and I met some wonderful new people too. Hanging out in the bar became my favorite pastime, which is funny, because I don’t drink much at all. It just always seems to be a neutral gathering point with a casual vibe that lends itself to easy conversation. Like last year, I left RT feeling revved up for GRL. I’m hoping to meet a ton of you in Denver this October!

Cover reveals and teasers are coming soon! There’s so much going on this summer, there won’t be any dust on this blog!

Happy Reading!

Lane xo

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  1. Yeehaw!! Everything about this blog post has me excited, and love the fact that you’ve asked Seth to narrate the new Leaning series, woot!! 😀

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