A Kind of Home News! Amazon Pre-Order & Short Story Coming…

cropped-kindofhomea_fbbanner_dsp.jpgJune is shaping up to be an extraordinarily busy month. Graduations, birthday parties…oh yeah, a WIP to finish and two book releases. Holy crap! That’s a lot, but hey… why not add something else, like perhaps a teensy short for A Kind of Home?

Yes, it’s happening. I started a quick short I’ll post on my blog the week of the book’s release (June 23!). It’s a just a little something to highlight where the boys are when readers meet them again in Book 4. They’ve come a long way since A Kind of Truth when they were a fledgling band trying to catch a break in the Big Apple. Now Spiral is the biggest band in the world and Isaac isn’t just the guy who took over on lead guitar, he’s a household name. That’s quite a bit of pressure for a regular dude from a small town in Pennsylvania. He can’t go anywhere without people knowing who he is and wanting a piece of him. Poor guy. This little pre-AKH glimpse will give readers the opportunity to meet Isaac before the big event. You’ll have to wait to meet Adam, though. And OMG, I LOVE Adam!!

A Kind of Home is available for pre-order on Amazon now. And in case you missed it, I’ve updated my Coming Soon page. Check it out for a rundown of what’s new this summer and early fall. And don’t forget, I have another short story (30k), A Way with Words, coming out on June 22. More info to follow! Busy, busy!

Happy Reading and Happy almost-summer!

Lane xo

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