Cover Reveal Coming This Week!

Finally! If I’ve been a little quiet, it’s because I’m madly preparing for two releases next month. Woohoo! I’ve headed back to my Leaning Into series and my San Francisco boys. First up is Leaning Into Always. This novella belongs to Eric and Zane from Leaning Into Love. It’s a part two to their story, which I suppose makes it #1B. 🙂 The thing is… I couldn’t leave them alone at 30k words, I had to add another 30k. LOL. Look for this cover reveal at Love Bytes Review this coming Thursday, Aug. 10. And mark your calendars for the September 5 release date. Next comes Book #3, Leaning Into Touch (Sept. 28)!

And let’s not forget audio! Both Leaning Into Love and Leaning Into the Fall are in production now. A Kind of Home hopefully will also be out by late 2017.

See? Busy, busy, busy! Three days and counting…

Happy Reading!  Lane xo

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