Leaning Into Always Cover Reveal!

LeaningIntoAlways-1400x2100Here it is! Isn’t it pretty? So Southern California beachy and fresh! I love it! Some readers may be thinking…”wait, isn’t the Leaning Into Stories series set in San Francisco?” Yes, that’s true, but Eric and Zane from Leaning Into Love are both from So Cal (*cough… from my hometown specifically). When the boys head home to visit family, they end up meeting an unwelcome piece of the past and things get complicated. They may hail from the same place, but each had very different experiences growing up. Zane was a cool kid and Eric was a nerd. Opposites attract!  As we know, any solid relationship requires an element of navigation to lean into always. <3

Unknown-5 Leaning Into Always will be released on September 5 on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. This is a part 2 to Leaning Into Love, but it isn’t necessary to read part 1 first. All of my books are standalones.  In fact, you may even choose to listen to Leaning Into Love when it’s released in audio in late August! Woohoo! And let’s not forget, Leaning Into Touch, Book 3 in the series will be coming in late September. Lots happening!

Happy Reading! Lane xo


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