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LeaningIntoTouch-1400x2100Josh and Finn’s story is finally here! Those of you’ve read the previous books in the series may remember Josh is part of the close-knit group of college friends living in San Francisco. And Finn… he’s the Irishman the others aren’t so sure can be trusted. He’s handsome and charismatic but aloof which is why things didn’t go quite the way Josh hoped they would the first time he got involved with Finn. A chance meeting at a vulnerable moment a year later changes everything. There’s something about being exposed to someone who knows just enough about you but not too much. It’s a slow seduction that might tip into more if you lean into touch.LeaningIntoTouch-teaser1-1000x750I hope you enjoy Josh and Finn’s journey, complete with humor, a dose of family drama and steamy moments as well!

The Leaning Into Touch blog tour will begin next week so stayed for info! Also, I’m doing my first ever Release Day Party with an amazing line-up of talented authors today! Please come join the fun.

5:00 – S.c. Wynne
5:30 – Aimee Nicole Walker
6:00 – Lane Hayes
6:30 – Lynn Michaels
7:00 – Cardeno C
7:30 – Ella Frank/Brooke Blaine
8:00 – Christina Lee/Riley Hart
8:30 – Felice Stevens
9:00 – Michael Bailey
9:30 – Cara Dee

Phew! So much info and more to come! Thank you all for your amazing support. You honestly make this writing adventure so worthwhile!

Happy Reading!  Lane xo

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