Final Day of the Leaning Into Touch Blog Tour and thoughts on GRL!

LeaningIntoTouch-teaser3-1000x750Today is the final day of the Leaning Into Touch blog tour at Alpha Book Reviews! Thank you for showing Josh and Finn’s story lots of love over the past couple of weeks. It’s been nonstop and crazy lately releasing a short story and novel within a month and preparing for GRL. Next up is Leaning Into a Wish, a Christmas novella coming November 22. I’m going to post an excerpt on my FB group page tomorrow. If you aren’t a member already, join us at Lane’s Lovers.

IMG_9500GRL 2017… oh wow. What can I possibly say other than it was epic. As always, the best thing about GRL is the people. I look forward to connecting with my friends at GRL but I also love meeting new readers, bloggers and friendly people who travel from all over the world because they love our genre. Highlights for me are margaritas in the bar with my friends, hanging with my MM Grinders author buddies and then meeting for a huge pic with the Grinders who attended GRL. Dinners with Friday dinner crew (Susan, Rick, Jay, Heather and Leigh) and a special bday dinner for Felice with the Cocky Boys. Then there are the conversations and laughs with countless amazing people who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on FB and Twitter or at RT and other GRLs who’ve become part of a an extended family of sorts. There are too many names to name without leaving someone out but here are a few pictures of this very special event. Hope to see you all in Portsmouth, Virginia for GRL2018!



IMG_9551And bonus pic!! How cool is this one of Carter Dane and his boyfriend, Alex Meechum surrounded by a bunch of MM books, including Better than Good?? Love it!Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.25.12 PMHappy Reading!
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