3 Days Till Leaning Into Forever is Here!!

Leaning Into Forever-3The wait is almost over! Leaning Into Forever will officially be released Friday, June 29. There’s a strong possibility Geordie and Levi’s story will be out a little earlier. Amazon has a funny way of being unpredictable about these things. Look for as early as Wednesday. I’ll post the Amazon link here as soon as it’s live. Also stay tuned for blog tours and release day/weekend shenanigans! Info is posted immediately at Lane’s Lovers so for up to date info, join me there too.Unknown-7And don’t forget…Leaning Into the Look is now here on audio!! Nick J. Russo did a fabulous job bringing Grant and Miles’s story to life. Check out the sample and purchase link here. Btw, Leaning Into the Look (the book) is now available at all ebook retail outlets (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, etc). Woohoo!

Back to my WIP!

Happy Summer and Happy Reading (and Listening!), Lane xo


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