Leaning Into Forever is LIVE!

LeaningIntoForever-1400x2100Woohoo! It’s true! Geordie and Levi couldn’t wait another minute. Leaning Into Forever went live a day earlier than expected. Thank you, Amazon! This is Book 7 in my Leaning Into Series set in the Bay Area. This one primarily takes place in California wine country and features our ultra-fabulous friend Geordie who is still in mourning after the loss of his longtime partner. In walks the new man in town. Levi is an ex-jock who’s decided to give the restaurant business a try. Neither man is looking for love or anything close to it, but they can’t deny something special is happening between them.

Leaning Into Forever is a hurt and comfort novel offset with humor and fun. This story was at times a gut-wrenching tale to write. Geordie’s pain is a visceral thing and yet, so is his joyful spirit. I’ve never felt quite as personally invested in a HEA. I write romance for a living so the HEA is a given, however, I knew this one had to be special. Geordie is no ordinary character. From his first appearance in Leaning Into the Fall where Nick meets him lounging on a sofa in Wes’s house, he’s captured my attention and I’d like to think, yours too. His sense of humor is intact but his pain is palpable. Whoever managed to get on the inside with Geordie had to be strong, fun and infinitely patient. And in walks Levi… *sigh

I can’t wait for you to read their story! (Don’t forget your tissues.)

Happy Reading!
Lane xo

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