6 Days and Counting till Out in the End Zone is Here!

Life has been so hectic lately. That always seems to be the case once October hits. GRL (Gay Romance Lit Con) is coming up in less than 2 weeks and before you know it, it’ll be holiday season and we’ll all be wondering where 2018 went. But before the madness really starts, Book 2 in my Out in College series, OUT IN THE END ZONE, will be here October 10! Woohoo!OutInTheEndZone-teasers1B-1000x750Evan and Mitch’s story will be released in just 6 days! I can’t wait to introduce their story. The first book in a series (in this case, Out in the Deep) sets a tone, while the second and third books crack open the ‘world’ so readers get a closer look at character relationships. I think that’s why I love writing and reading series. Visiting beloved characters and meeting new ones never gets old. And did I mention, the next sport is football? 😉

Mark those calendars for October 10. OUT IN THE END ZONE is coming very very soon…

Happy Reading! Lane xo



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