Coming Soon Page Updated & Just 10 More Days till OUT IN THE OFFENSE is Here!

After six months, I’d say it was more than time to update my Coming Soon page! LOL. Take a peek for my upcoming release info and plans for 2019.  First up is Out in the Offense. Woohoo! It will be here January 10, which crazy enough, is next week! Mark your calendars!OutInTheOffense-teaser2-1000x750It’s hard to believe we’re at the final day of 2018. This year has flown by. Ultimately, it’s been a good year of growth and learning for me. Professionally, I challenged myself with books like Leaning Into Forever and the Out in College stories. I knew Geordie’s story would be difficult but I didn’t think I’d cry over my computer as often as I did. He wrecked me! I thought Out in the Deep would be a nice change of pace and an easier book to write. Yes and no. Writing books about college aged characters takes a different approach, but it’s not easier at all. LOL. I’m excited to continue the series into 2019 and begin a new one as well.

On to RL New Year’s preparations. The big plan at our house is lasagna, a family card game or two, and a plate of homemade cookies. A movie may happen too. As long as I can be in PJs, I’m in!

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2019 filled with laughter, love and LOTS of amazing books! Cheers!  Lane xonew-year-2019-celebration-gold-foil-balloons-royalty-free-image-1019228852-1543876863

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