Starting From Zero Update & Better Than Friends on Sale for $1!

StartingFromZero-teaser2-1200Starting From Zero is coming soon!! Justin and Gray’s story will be here in just two and half weeks! May/December, a rock and roll love story and the beginning of a brand new series. Mark your calendars for April 19! In the meantime, check out this gorgeous new teaser by the talented Reese Dante. And a teensy except too.

And yes!! Better Than Friends (Book 3 in Better Than Stories) is available for just $1 at Dreamspinner Press! If you haven’t read Jack and Curt’s story, now’s a great time to jump in! The sexy, tattooed motorcycle, bar owner and the lawyer.*sigh…I love a good ol’ fashioned opposites attract romance! <3

Happy Reading! Lane xo

Excerpt from Starting From Zero by Lane Hayes (coming April 19):

Justin was either slightly insane or incredibly gifted. I suspected it was the latter. The cadence of his speech lured me in…and made me want more. I’d tell him anything he wanted to know, just to be near him and this intense spark of…newness, creativity, and wonder.

“What about me?” I asked in a low raspy voice.

“What do you want?”


“Liar,” he said without heat. “Try again.”

“Okay. I want everything you just said is bullshit.

Romance, love, a little recognition and…I want to write the perfect song,” I replied.

“There’s no such thing.”

“Maybe, maybe not. But it would be nice to leave something that felt special.”

Justin held my gaze, then inclined his head in agreement. “Yeah. I want that too.”

We stared at each other as whispers of conversation floated from the far corners of the rooftop deck. We weren’t alone, but we might as well be. I couldn’t remember ever feeling intimately connected to someone I’d never really touched. It was puzzling and enchanting at the same time.

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