Euro Pride Con and London!

It’s good to be home again, but I have to admit, I kind of miss Europe! More accurately, I miss all of the amazing people I met. Some were FB friends I’ve known online for over five years and others were friends I’d met previously at big events like GRL. And yes! I even got a chance to fangirl over a few of my personal favorite authors, like RJ Scott and Lily Morton. I travelled with my good friend, Dana, who is a huge MM reader. Anyone who’s ever done a major trip abroad knows how important it is to travel with the right people. I totally lucked out. Our European adventure was a whirlwind, beginning with Euro Pride Con in Amsterdam and ending with 1.5 million people at London Pride. LOL. A HUGE thanks to everyone who traveled to EPC or London or York to meet us. (I won’t try to name everyone because jet lag is real and I don’t want to forget anyone!)Here are a few photos…

Oh!! But first…OUT IN THE FIELD will be here any second now. Be sure to check Amazon for Max and Phoenix and a little baseball.  Happy Reading!! Lane xo

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