Better Than Meeting the Family- A Matt & Aaron Short Story- Part 3

As promised, here’s part 3 in Better Than Meeting the Family! I thought this would be the last installment, but after reading this, you’ll probably agree we need one more scene. And it’s gonna be HOT!!! LOL Look for Part 4 next week. In the meantime, enjoy!

*For those who are new to this series of shorts. Matt & Aaron are from my first novel, Better Than Good.

Happy Reading! Lane x

Better Than Meeting the Family- Part 3

We headed to the baseball game after the ‘introduce the boyfriend’ barbeque with Aaron’s family. Personally, I thought it had gone pretty well.  The Mendezes were warm and welcoming. I played a hardcore game of tag with his nephews in the backyard, threw the Frisbee around with his brother and sisters, and watched baseball with his dad. After a couple of hours, I felt like I’d known his family for years.

“That was cool,” I commented as we pulled away from the house.

“It was. But they were also on their best behavior,” Aaron said with a laugh. “My dad especially.”

“He’s a nice guy. He loves you, you know.”

“In his way, I suppose he does,” he sighed.

I glanced over at him when I stopped at a red light. “No, I don’t think that’s fair. Maybe he doesn’t know how to talk to you sometimes, but he’s very protective of you. He pretty much told me he’d kick my ass if I didn’t treat you right.”

Aaron swiveled in the passenger seat to face me. “He did not.”

“He did. I told him not to worry ’cause I…you know.”

“’Cause you…what?” he prodded.

I adjusted my rearview mirror then my sunglasses before reaching for the volume control on the radio. Aaron smacked my hand and lowered his own glasses meaningfully.

“I forgot what I was going to say,” I lied.

“You did not. You never forget anything, Matty. What did you tell my dad?”

“I told him…” I cast a quick sideways look at him before focusing on the road. I knew him too well. He wasn’t going to let it go, so I might as well save my energy. I bit the inside of my cheek and blurted, “I told him Iloveyou.”

Silence. Car silence. And sometimes, that was the worse kind. I didn’t know what else to say, so I leaned forward to adjust the volume one more time and got my hand smacked…again. “Ow.”

Aaron grabbed my wrist and laced his fingers with mine before pressing a kiss on my knuckles.

“You told my father you felt the L-word about me?”

“The L-word,” I repeated with a half laugh. “Yeah, I did. And he told me not to fuck it up.”

“Ha. Were those his exact words?”

“No, but he said you were special and he hoped I knew it.”

Aaron opened his mouth and shook his head in disbelief. “Wow. That so…”

“So…what? Crazy?” I suggested.

“No. You’re very…brave. And you’re always so sure.” Aaron let go of my hand and looked out the window for a long moment before continuing. “How do you know that you won’t get tired of me someday? Maybe not tonight…’cause I’m definitely going to make today worth your while. But…what about a month from now or next year or two years from now? How do you know you’ll always feel this way about us?”

I couldn’t decide if it was a good thing I was behind the wheel and had to keep my focus elsewhere or not. I wanted to see his expression and reassure him I meant every word I said, but I didn’t do emotional stuff very well. I had a tendency to make the simplest things sound clumsy as hell. I didn’t want to freak him out, but he should know I was in this for good.

“I know because…when I’m with you, I feel…whole.” I winced. Too much. “Look, I didn’t feel broken before we met. It’s more like I didn’t know what or who I was missing. I’m better when I’m with you. My world isn’t so small anywhere. Anything feels possible and somehow it’s connected to you.” I kissed his hand, and gave him a quick sideways look. “And I know this sounds corny, but I’m on a roll so, I’ll just tell you…you’re the one for me. You don’t have to say it back. You’ll know when you’re ready.”

Aaron wiped at his eyes and exhaled. He squeezed my fingers tightly and held my hand for the rest of the drive. He wouldn’t let go until I told him I needed both hands to pay the attendant.

I parked the car and turned off the engine before glancing at Aaron. He’d been way too quiet for too long. That always made me nervous. “Ready for some baseball?”

“Mmhmm.” He unfastened his seatbelt before twisting to face me. Matty, I want to ask you something, but I have to tell you something first.”

“Uh…okay, now I’m nervous.”

“Don’t be.” Aaron leaned over the console to caress my jaw sweetly. “I know how I feel about you. We haven’t known each other very long, but you’re so important to me. My most important person. It scares me sometimes. I want to hold something back so I don’t give you everything and that feels wrong but I just…I’ve never said those words to anyone. And I told myself when I did, it would be forever. Maybe that’s where we’re going, but I’m afraid to go to fast and rush this because I want it too much. I don’t even know if that makes sense.”

“It does. I’m not rushing you. I swear. I shouldn’t have told your dad—”

“No. I love that you told him. I do. It’s just that when you tell me things like that I want to do something crazy, like ask move in with me or marry me. And I don’t want to scare you away.”

I grinned. “That’s not gonna happen, Aar.”

“Okay…” He bit his bottom lip and gave me a shy smile in return. “So, I have something to propose and if you’re not ready, I won’t be offended. We can wait. I’ve never done this before, so it’s not like I know what I’m missing. Although I’ve heard it’s amazing and—”

I set my hand over his mouth and kissed his nose before releasing him. “Ask me already. The suspense is killing me.”

“How do you feel about…what if we, um… let’s get tested and stop using condoms.”

I nodded like puppet on a string. “I’d feel really good about that.”

He smiled. “Yeah?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Do you want to think about it? It’s kind of a commitment, Matty. We’ve already established that we’re exclusive, so it’s easy in that sense, but I’ve never done this before. Like ever. It’s sort of a big deal to—”

“I never have either. And I haven’t been with anyone but you in almost a year.” I cupped the back of his neck and drew him closer to me. “Maybe we should skip the game and go back to your place and fuck like bunnies. I have an insta-erection and I have a bad feeling it’s not going anywhere until we take care of business.”

“Bad boy,” Aaron scolded, chuckling softly. He licked my lips then pulled back slightly. “I’d love to get naked for you right here, right now. I could bend over the backseat and let you fuck me from behind. Or I could climb on top of you and ride you till we both come.”

I gulped as I gripped my now rock hard cock through my shorts. “Oh my God.”

“But I don’t want to get arrested. My dad might change his mind about you if we end up on the eleven o’clock news.” He laughed before continuing in a lower voice. “And I want to do it the right way. We’ll get tested first and—”

“It could take a whole week to get results back,” I groused.

“I think that’s only for full blood panels, but we’ll see. I’m not suggesting we don’t have sex for a week. I’m planning on sucking your cock the second we get back to DC. And I kinda wanted to try that new pink dildo I bought online…just for fun. What do you say?”

“I think you’re trying to kill me.”

Aaron threw his head back and laughed. “Never. I’m simply reminding you that we have so much more to look forward to.”

I held his chin and sealed my lips over his. “We do. In the meantime, we’ve got baseball. Let’s do this, babe.”

The moment we entered the stadium and made our way to our seats, Aaron was like a kid in a candy store. He couldn’t sit still and he couldn’t stop staring. Everything was a “wow”, from the size of the field to the sold-out crowd to the wide variety of refreshments available.

“Oh my God!  I had no idea this place was so big, did you? Have you been here before?  I’ve never been to a real baseball game. Not a professional one anyway. These seats are incredible. Did you see all the food? I’m stuffed from barbeque, but we should try one of everything. Especially the alcohol. Please tell me they serve alcohol.”

I grinned, pulling him onto his seat to let a family of four through our aisle. “They definitely serve alcohol.”

“Yes! I’d like a Cosmo, please.”

“They don’t have Cosmos, wise guy. Just beer and wine. Are you coming with me to order or do you want to stay here?” I asked before taking a quick peek at the action on the field.

“I’ll stay here. And I’ll have wine, please. Better make that three wines, a cotton candy and one those popcorn things,” he replied decisively.

“Let’s start with one drink each. I’ll buy snacks when they come around.”

“Perfect. I’ll save your seat.”

By the time I returned with our drinks, he’d made friends with the couple next to him and family behind us. I kept a watchful eye on him, but I should have known he could handle any crowd. Even a baseball crowd. The woman sitting next to him, who was probably his mom’s age, wanted to adopt him by the seventh inning stretch.

“So, is that handsome man next to you your boyfriend?” the woman asked, linking her arm with Aaron’s.

“Yes,” Aaron replied, flashing a wide smile. He was more than a little tipsy. I’d cut him off at three glasses of wine when he started to sway in his seat. “Did you meet Matty? He’s my favorite person in the world. I think we’re gonna get married some day.”

“Oh honey, I hope you do. You’re a gorgeous couple. Let’s drink to that,” the woman enthused, clinking her plastic cup against his before adding loud enough for me to hear, “He’s so good-looking. Looks a fireman or something.”

“He’s a lawyer. Well, he will be soon,” Aaron said proudly.

“Good for him. And for you. I can tell you love him. I hope he knows he’s a lucky guy.”

Aaron turned to me then and gave me his signature smile. The one that lit his eyes and made my heart flip in my chest. The one that reminded me I wasn’t alone. He felt everything I did.

“Did you hear that? She thinks you’re the lucky one. It’s the other way around.”

I put my arm around his waist and kissed his temple. I wasn’t big on public displays of affection, but I couldn’t hold back. And didn’t see the point in denying that this was exactly what I wanted.

To be continued…

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