A Brand-New Newsletter and An Out in College Free Short Story!

After a year of best intentions, I finally have my newsletter up and running. Woohoo! I’m so excited about this because I think it will give me a broader platform to talk about upcoming releases, post short stories, and share release info with other authors. Technically my space here at WordPress is a blog/website and not a newsletter. My intention is to keep this space updated too and use it for a space to archive older short stories, so that all of my words are available at all times. However, the newsletter will most likely get “hot-off-press” info you won’t want to miss!The newsletter will be released roughly once a month and my goal is to release bonus material with each one. It might be a deleted scene or a just a fun chance to revisit one of my couples. For instance, the intro installment includes the Out in the Field Bonus Scene, featuring some sexy time with Max and Phoenix and Coming Soon info. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the upcoming Starting From Zero bonus material in Newsletter #1 before the release of STARTING FROM SCRATCH (just 2 weeks away!). Mark your calendars for October 15 and don’t forget to subscribe here…http://bit.ly/2m6rqt5

Here’s an inspiration pic to get you ready for Charlie and Ky’s story! This guy really looks like Ky to me. <3 *swoon!!

Happy Reading!

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