One Week Till Starting From Scratch Is Here and Out in College Books are Now Available Everywhere!

Yes! Starting From Scratch is almost here! Technically, Charlie and Ky’s story will be here in just nine days…but it might be less, so check in for updates! Book 2 in my rock and roll series belongs to the fabulous self-appointed manager of the band and the skater boy turned bassist. Enemies to lovers, opposites attract, and a shared quirky sense of humor…*sigh…I plan to post a teensy short or a deleted scene from Starting From Zero on my brand new newsletter to coincide with the release of Starting From Scratch. If you’re interested, be sure to sign up here.  Also…all of the Out in College books are now available at all ebook retailers. That includes Out in the Offense and Out in the Field for the first time. Book 5 in the series will be here in early 2020!

And last but not least, Better Than Good has been nominated for audiobook of the month at Love Bytes Reviews. This is so cool for a few reasons. First, BTG is my very first book and yes, my first audiobook. Matt and Aaron’s story was released in 2013 and the audio came out almost a year later at a time when MM audiobooks were rather new. I love Tyler Steven’s narration of this entire series. Fun fact…I have plans for my Better Than boys in 2020! You can vote for Better Than Good here.

It’s a busy October! LOL

Happy Reading and Listening! Lane xo


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