Woohoo! STARTING FROM SCRATCH is LIVE!! Starting From Scratch is book 2 in the making of a band. Ky and Charlie couldn’t be any more different if they tried. Ky is cool and calm, and takes life as it comes and Charlie is a human hurricane. Ky is a skater-boy, the quintessential CA-beach kid and bassist in the band and Charlie is the energetic band manager. Neither is sure they even like other, but their chemistry is undeniable. And kind of fun! You probably know by now that I love a good opposites attract love story. These boys kept me on my toes! Their banter still plays in my head. I can’t wait for you to hear/read their oddball conversations! LOL

Btw, Book 1, Starting From Zero is still on sale for 99 cents and will be all this week! As with all books from my series, these books can be read as standalones.

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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4 thoughts on “STARTING FROM SCRATCH is LIVE!!

  1. After trying every possible button, I cannot seem to download the alleged “bonus scene” from the Out in College series. Each link ends up at a “buy the book” option. I already own the book, that’s why I would like to read a follow on scene.  Is there a simple, straight forward way to download this? Ken Wallace

    1. Hmm. You should receive it with your “welcome” newsletter when you subscribe. I’m about to add a short to the first official newsletter. This one will feature the guys from my other series, Starting From. I’ll add the link to the Out in the Field story as well and as my assistant to check it. That way, if you subscribe, you should have access to both stories. If you still can’t get it, let me know. Look for the newsletter later today or tomorrow morning. Thank you! Lane xo

    1. Thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed Ky and Charlie! We’ll see what happens with the “person”. He wasn’t forgiven, but he might come around eventually…or not. 😉 To be continued!

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