Right and Wrong is Now on KU! And a Surprise!

In difficult time, I turn to books. Whether I’m reading or writing them, words are my happy place. And as we collectively traverse this unprecedented era in our lives, I find myself with my nose in my Kindle more often than not. LOL It’s always been my goal to make my work as assessable. Quite a few of my series are available on Amazon KU, but I purposely rotate to give my non-KU readers an opportunity to read my books too and vice versa. So for the first time in a while, all three titles in my Right and Wrong series are now available on KU! And even more exciting…The Right Words is free for my newsletter subscribers until April 5! Yes, FREE! This is kind of fun for a couple of reasons. Number one, free is fun. Number two…the fourth book in the Right and Wrong series is in the works now! Woohoo! I even have Michael Ferraiuolo scheduled to narrate the new book in early 2021. I can’t wait! Now might be the perfect time to get started on this one! Check out the link here to subscribe and claim your freebie! The redemption code is Michael. In other news, OUT ON THE ICE was just released on audio. I know I’m biased, but once again, Michael Dean (Pauley) did a fabulous job bringing Colby and Sky’s story to life. Check out the sample/purchase link here.

And last but not least…A Way with Words/A Way with You are both coming out in a 2-for-1 audio and paperback format very soon! I’m hoping within the week! Keep an eye out!

Stay safe and healthy. Hopefully reading/listening will help get us all through the next few weeks.

Love, Lane xo

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8 thoughts on “Right and Wrong is Now on KU! And a Surprise!

  1. Lane,

    Thank you for offering The Right Words, but when I click on the link to Amazon I get a message that Amazon can’t find anything at that link.  If I check out the Amazon link for The Right Words, the price is $3.99.  If I click on the ‘Click here to subscribe’ (even though I think I’m already subscribed because I’ve received this email), I’m taken to ProlificWorks by asked for a Redemption Code.

    Bottom line, either I’m doing something incorrectly or the links aren’t correct.

    If I’m at fault, please let me know what I should be doing.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi there- Sorry you’re having trouble with the links. The redemption code is: Michael. I’ll add that to the blog post too. Thank you and enjoy Michael and Luke’s story! Lane xo

  2. Good morning Lane,

    I subscribe to your newsletter and when I click on the link for the free book, The Right Words, prolific works asks for a redemption code. I didn’t see one in the newsletter – did I miss something? I tried using my email address but that did not work.

    Thanks! Sheri

    1. Hi Sheri- The redemption code is Michael. I thought it was in the newsletter, but I’ve added it to the blog post too. I noticed I’d forgotten it there. Hope that helps! If not, let me know. Lane xo

  3. Hi Lane

    The link for the free book The Right Words goes to a page asking for a redemption code.

    Ali 🙂 x

    Sent from my iPad


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