Autism Month Awareness Blog Hop!

I’m very proud to take part in the Autism Awareness Blog hop for somewhat personal reasons. I have an autistic cousin who’s the same age as my oldest son. Raymond is twenty-five and he’s truly one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet. He’s quick to smile, loves basketball (he’s a huge Lakers fan), and is fiercely loyal to his friends and family. In those ways, he’s not so different from my kids. But Raymond is autistic.

He was diagnosed with autism at four years of age when his desire for solitude became a concern to his family. He needed space and had a requirement for order in his daily life that confounded my somewhat messy aunt. He didn’t care for loud noises or a chaotic atmosphere, and he preferred not to speak unless it was necessary. He still doesn’t. Over time and with the help of a fierce mama lion, he’s learned how to find a personal balance to cope with facets of the real world that sometimes overwhelm him.

I am continuing in awe of Raymond. It’s been an honor to watch this young man grow and flourish over the years. He’s taught us to listen, to be gentle and patent, to be a little more aware, and above all to be kind.

A huge thank you to RJ Scott for including me in the Autism Awareness Blog Hop. Please click here for further information and a chance to win a prize…

Best wishes, Lane Hayes


Autism is a developmental disability. It’s a difference in how your brain works. Autistic people can have good mental health, or experience mental health problems, just like anyone else.



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