Spring Fling Freebies AND Better Than Beginnings is Now Available Everywhere!

Happy May! It’s a new month, a Friday, and there are SO many fun things happening today! First up…the SPRING FLING GIVEAWAY is on!  I’m so excited to be part of this exciting project with these mega-talented authors.This giveaway will be live from May 1-May 7. My novella, OUT IN SPRING, will go live on Amazon KU on May 8. AND… exciting news…it’ll be available on audiobook soon after too!AND I’m thrilled to announce that Better Than Beginnings is available everywhere along with the entire Better Than Series! For those who don’t have KU and were waiting for this collection of Matt and Aaron shorts, it’s here! This is a 110k collection that begins where Better Than Good ends and leads us roughly to present day. It may just be for the month of May, so don’t wait! Happy Reading! Lane xo

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