Woohoo! Out on the Serve, Book 7, in my Out in College series, is here a day early and just in time for summer fun. This story belongs to Elliot and Braden…and volleyball! These two have so much in common. They’re jocks who play the same sport, they have mutual friends, and interests…but they’re nothing alike. LOL Elliot is messy and laidback and Braden is a perfectionist who loves discipline and order. And yet, neither can deny their attraction. A summer fling with a temporary roommates is risky business. They could end up out on the serve…or they could win it all. *sigh…There’s a HUGE party happening in my reader group, Lane’s Lovers, on Saturday, July 11 to celebrate the Out in College the seventh books in the series AND my seventh year as a published author! My first book, Better Than Good, was actually released seven years ago today! What a ride! Come join the fun!

A big thanks to you all for your support and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Happy Reading!  Lane xo

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6 thoughts on “OUT ON THE SERVE is LIVE on Amazon KU!

    1. Finishing up Power Play by Michaela Grey – Our will be Next!!!!
      Really psyched

  1. Ok…..it was SO damn good!
    Truly, I loved everything about it — ok, maybe not Sophie…lol
    Braden is great, but Elliot? Awesome! Lolol
    Thanks for this amazing book

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