Woohoo! STARTING FROM SOMEWHERE is available now on Amazon KU! The guitarist and the geek.Bobby J has experienced a few twists in life, but he certainly didn’t expected the adorkable intern at Scratch Records to turn him inside out. This novella is Book 4 in the Starting From Series, and it’s a true standalone. If you love geeks and cool guys, age gaps, and humor, this one is for you! And yes, the audiobook will be here soon!

BONUS… Part 2 in my FREE SHORT STORY, Starting From Home, is available too. I decided to make this one into a three-part short (featuring Tegan and Dec from Starting From Here). *Cough, cough…I got a little wordy. LOL This one is NSFW, btw. Enjoy Bobby J and Cody! Happy Reading! Lane xo

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