The Leaning Into Series is a full-circle reading experience in that it begins and ends with the same couple. Eric and Zane start us off in back-to-back novellas, Leaning Into Love and Leaning Into Always.

The boys have known each other since middle school but didn’t become friends until college. Zane is a cool dude…a surfer turned elite sailor while Eric is the bookworm with a geeky side who started a successful tech company. They’re opposites in every way possible. But lately something feels different between them. And when they lean into love, they realize what they’d each been looking for had been there all along. Cue dreamy sigh…

A journey through the lives of their closest friends through stories of coming out, friends to lovers, second chances, and hurt and comfort leads us back to Eric and Zane in the short story, Leaning Into the Holidays as they embark on the ultimate adventure together…parenthood. And yes, there is a brand new spanking new chapter you won’t want to miss. So even if you’ve read all the books, be sure to check out the final installment to find out what happens!

It’s a thrill for me to be able to offer this entire collection, including four full-length novels, three novellas, and two previously unpublished short stories. That’s a grand total of over 430k words or 1,400 pages. That’s a lot of reading material! Since we’re officially in the season, I should note that there are two holiday stories in the set…Leaning Into a Wish and Leaning Into the Holidays.

The box set will be available for a limited time only on Amazon KU.

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!

Lane xo

Lean in to love, to the fall, to a forever kind of wish…

A peek into the lives of a group of college buddies is the beginning of a special journey showcasing the unique bonds of friends who become true family. Friends to lovers, age gaps, second chances, hurt/comfort, coming out, and a couple of holiday shorts too! Take a trip to San Francisco and wine country to meet this compelling crew in this complete box set. You won’t be sorry!

Four complete novels, three novellas, and two brand new short stories…

Leaning Into Love
Leaning Into Always
Leaning Into the Fall
Leaning Into Touch
Leaning Into a New Start – *Bonus Short Story
Leaning Into a Wish– Holiday Novella
Leaning Into the Look
Leaning Into Forever
Leaning Into the Holidays- *Bonus Short Story

This box set includes all the original titles in the Leaning Into Series as well as two previously unpublished short stories. An additional, brand new chapter has been added to Leaning Into the Holidays. Be sure to find out how leaning into love becomes a forever HEA.

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