6 Days & Counting Till RULES OF PLAY is LIVE! And a 99 Cent Sale Too!

RULES OF PLAY will be here July 16! Are you ready for some geeky fun?

The genius, the ex-jock, and a new playbook…

⚾️ Nerd/Jock

👬 Brother’s Best Friend

🤓 Friends-to-Lovers

💙 Bisexual Awakening

Rules of Play is an MM bisexual awakening story where opposites attract and shenanigans ensue! Bring it on!

I have special pre-release treat too! STARTING FROM SOMEWHERE is just 99 cents until Tuesday, July 13. Fun Fact- This novella is the prequel to The Script Club Series and yes, it’s a true standalone. This was literally what sparked my nerd/jock idea. Cody is the first of his friends to look for something to expand his horizons outside of the lab. He gets more than he bargained for when he meets the cool guitarist from a band on the rise!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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