Surprise! OUT FOR THE HOLIDAYS/OUT FOR GOLD is available for preorder NOW! Just in time for the Olympics! This two-story collection featuring Derek and Gabe from Out in the Deep will be live on Monday, July 26 and available at ALL ebook retailers for a sweet price of just $1.99! Woohoo! Brand new Olympic-style content alert!

OUT FOR THE HOLIDAYS was originally featured in the holiday collection, Gifts for the Season. Since the anthology is no longer available, I wanted to publish it on my own and add new content. OUT FOR GOLD is a brand-new novella that really brings the whole story full-circle. AND it ties in quite nicely with the Olympics!

*This two-story collection will go to Amazon KU exclusively on August 2, along with the rest of the Out in College series. The $1.99 price will be in effect until August 9.

Fun fact…I wrote Out in the Deep because I was in the mood for a sweet college love story centered around a sport that wasn’t as widely known. And since my kids all played water polo, it seemed like the obvious choice. Needless to say, I enjoyed writing Derek and Gabe’s story so much that I continued, centering each book in the Out in College series around a different sport…football, baseball, hockey, volleyball. I’m not done yet! But a few of these college boys have graduated and moved on with life—like Derek and Gabe. I couldn’t resist sharing another glimpse of their lives. 


Out for the Holidays

A Dream Come True…


This is it! I’m finally opening my own bistro. I’ve spent the last two years getting ready for this moment. I can’t decide if the holidays are the perfect time to begin a new venture, but I’m excited. It would be nice if my family were on board too.

Gabe-I play water polo. I don’t know anything about the restaurant business, but I want to make sure Derek’s grand opening goes according to plan. I’ll rally our friends, send out invites, and yeah…I’ll even deal with his mother. He’s my number one person and I’ll do whatever it takes to be sure we’re out for the holidays.

Out for the Holidays is a low-angst MM romance featuring Derek and Gabe from Out in the Deep…and a host of friends from the Out in College books!


Chance of a Lifetime…


Winning a spot on the Olympic water polo team is my lifelong goal and guess what?…I made it! Of course, nothing goes smoothly. This is a bad time for a shoulder injury and an even worse time for my dad to show up out of the blue. I might be doomed.

Derek-Family isn’t easy. Trust me, I know. But in my experience, ignoring obvious issues only makes them more challenging in the long run. I can’t solve Gabe’s problems with his dad, but I’ll help if I can. Win or lose, my man is going out for gold.

Out of Gold is a low-angst MM romance featuring Derek and Gabe from Out in the Deep in a full-circle quest for the ultimate prize…love.

In other news…I’m so happy to hear that readers are enjoying George and Aiden’s story! There’s something so fun and compelling about nerds and jocks! I’m hoping to have audiobook news for RULES OF PLAY for you by next week. Stay tuned! And don’t forget, Book 3 is available for preorder too! The Jock Script will be here September 24!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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