OUT FOR GOLD is Available on Amazon KU Now!

The whole OUT IN COLLEGE series is back on KU, including my new two-story collection, OUT FOR THE HOLIDAYS/OUT FOR GOLD (featuring Derek and Gabe from Out in the Deep). Woohoo! If you’re looking for a sweet and sexy novella with Olympic flair, look no further!

Quick FYI-OUT FOR THE HOLIDAYS was originally featured in the holiday collection, Gifts for the Season. Since the anthology is no longer available, I wanted to publish it on my own and add new content.

OUT FOR GOLD is a BRAND NEW novella that really brings Derek and Gabe’s story full-circle. AND it ties in quite nicely with the Olympics! *Click the link for the blurbs.

Don’t miss the whole OUT IN COLLEGE series…9 books and more coming!

In other news, RULES OF PLAY should be available on audiobook any second now! We’re just waiting for Audible now. I’ve heard Alexander Cendese’s narration of George and Aiden’s story and wow…I just loved it! He made me laugh and brought a tear to my eye too. I’ll be posting a George and Aiden short to go along with this one. Keep an eye out for this one!

All kinds of busy things happening in my house this week too. My son is coming home from NYC for his sister’s graduation ceremony and my mother is joining us too. It’ll be a full house. I just hope my AC holds up! LOL

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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