BETTER THAN GOOD on Sale for 99 Cents!

What a deal! BETTER THAN GOOD is a very special story to me personally. This is my first published MM romance and was written in the weeks after my oldest son came out to his dad and me at eighteen. This story is a sort of love letter to him, pledging my unconditional love and acceptance.

My son’s journey is his own and in no way resembles Matt and Aaron’s, but the road to self-acceptance is a universal experience. I can’t tell you how meaningful it has been to hear from readers who fell in love with the law student and the fabulous diva who encourages him to trust his instincts and embrace his truth. If you haven’t had a chance to read Better Than Good, you might want to check it out now!

ALSO…I’m so thrilled by the response to THE JOCK SCRIPT this past weekend! Asher and Blake’s story hit #1 in Gay Romance and LGBTQ Romance. WOW!! Asher might be an unlikely book boyfriend, but there’s something kind of charming about the bow tie-wearing geek with the heart of gold. The audiobook should be available within the next week. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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