Surprise Cover/Blurb Reveal!

Remember when I said I was going to write a little more Matt and Aaron? Well, I did! BETTER THAN HOME is coming April 18! Preorder is available now!

Check out this gorgeous cover by Reese Dante. ❤️

If you’re a Matty and Aaron fan, you won’t want to miss this! And if you don’t know who Matt and Aaron are, it’s time to check out BETTER THAN GOOD and the rest of the Better Than Series.

BTG was my first MM romance, published 9 years ago this coming July. Wow! It’s a very simple love story about a law student who meets a dazzling, fabulous man who changes his life.

As some of you know, Better Than Good was written in 2012 in the days after my oldest son came out as a sort of love letter to him. The story was a very simple romance about stumbling into the unexpected and embarking on a journey of self-realization, love, and acceptance.

I fell in love with Matt and Aaron and wrote countless snippets highlighting anything from major life events to silly conversations the guys had while brushing their teeth or loading a dishwasher. The shorts were published on my blog and eventually were compiled, edited, and released in a collection called, Better Than Beginnings. Better Than Home begins shortly after BTB ends. The boys are off on a new adventure and I cannot wait to share this with you!

Check out the blurb below and be sure to mark your calendars and Goodreads pages for April 18!


The lawyer, the diva, and a new adventure…


Life is good. A few years ago, I met someone special, came out as bi, fell head over heels, and married the love of my life. A man. But not just any man.

Aaron is a confident, unapologetically fabulous diva who isn’t afraid to take chances. I love that about him. New state, new career path…no problem.

Except things don’t always go according to plan. That’s okay. It might be the perfect time to get back to basics and check off a few items on our original list…like buy a house and start a family. Whoa! House first.

However, house hunting isn’t glamorous at all, and with my partnership at the law firm in the balance, it’s kind of stressful. Everything we’ve dreamed of is within reach—if we can just find a place that feels like home, we’ll be better than good.

Better Than Home is a sweet and sexy novella featuring Matt and Aaron from my International Bestselling book, Better Than Good. The lawyer, the diva, and the happy ever after of a lifetime. For readers who know the real love story happens after the first “I love you.”

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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