THE HOLIDAY LIST is on Sale for 99cents!

One year ago, I released THE HOLIDAY LIST! The Mars maestro and the single dad… It’s one of the most popular books in my nerd/jock series. There’s something special about the sunshine/grumpy trope…and the single dad angle makes it extra fun!

🤓Nerd/Jock  ❤️Age Gap  👨‍👨‍👦Single Dad

This book is on sale for 99 cents through Sunday, December 11.

Perfect timing since THE HUMBUG HOLIDAY will be here Monday, the 12th!

We’ll go from grumpy/sunshine to grumpy/grumpy when a silver fox author unwittingly falls for the handyman who dislikes the holidays almost as much as he does! Find out what happens when they both slowly succumb to the magic of the season.

Gah! I can’t wait to introduce you to Cam and Joe! I’ve already listened to the first chapter of the audiobook (narrated by Michael Dean). With any luck, it will release soon after the ebook. Ooooh! This is going to be good!


And don’t forget…Heart2Heart Charity Anthology, vol. 6 is out now and available for 90 days. Get your copy while you can!

My contribution is a 20k short story called The London Chance. Who knew a dating app and drunken karaoke could lead to true love?

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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