Fairy Cake Countdown Begins!

Just over two weeks and counting till FAIRY CAKES IN WINTER is here! Coming February 16!

When my husband and I spent the month of May in Bath, UK last year, I knew I wanted to write something to commemorate our trip, which is where Fairy Cakes in Winter comes in. We fell in love with Bath’s quaint cobblestone streets, the picturesque valley, and historic Georgian buildings. And we LOVED the bakeries! LOL Here are a couple of photos from that trip. As you can see…endless inspiration.

Mark your calendar for February 16 for Scott and Theo’s story! The grumpy baker, the sunny ad man, and a recipe for forever!

And check this out…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve released five foreign language translations! Four in German and one in French! My German titles are The Right Words- Die richtigen Worte, A Kind of Truth- Die Wahrheit, die ich meine…, A Kind of Romance- Eine Art Romanze, and Following the Rules- Den Regein folgen. And in French, Leaning Into the Look- Pour les apparences! I’m so thrilled to have these titles available in other languages. I can’t wait to add more to the list.


AND last, but never least…here’s George! He’s 4 months old now and as mischievous as ever! He’s grown a ton, hasn’t he?

Happy Reading! Lane…and George 🐾

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