NEXT SEASON Cover/Blurb Reveal!

Ta da! Next Season is coming later this month and I’m absolutely in love with this cover by Sleepy Fox Studio!

Mark your calendars for October 30 for Book 2 in my Small Town/Hockey series, Elmwood Stories. This one features Riley and Jean-Claude, an injured hockey player nearing the end of his career and a grumpy chef who “accidentally” befriends him. If you love small town romances, hockey, sunny/grumpy heroes, this one is for you! Preorder available for Next Season is available now!

Check out the blurb for Next Season:

The injured hockey player and the grumpy chef…


My time playing pro hockey will be up soon. I can feel it. And I’ve heard the rumors: he’s too old, he’s had too many injuries, he’s lost his edge. I don’t want to admit it, but they could be right. Next season might be my last. 

Or this season. Because of course, this is when the universe decides I need another concussion. It’s a doozy too—the kind that’s going to keep me off skates for a while. 

Which is how I end up in a small New England town in the middle of nowhere Vermont, eating every meal at a diner where a grumpy chef from Quebec makes haute cuisine…and burgers. Jean-Claude is funny and charming and—

Okay, I have a crush on a gay man. 

This is a new one. 


Confused straight men are entertaining. But Riley is…fascinating, sexy, and curiously vulnerable. His injury has rocked his confidence a bit, so perhaps he’s in need of a friend. Any friend. Even moi.

I’m an unlikely choice, but maybe he just likes my tuna salad. 

No…I think it’s me. 

And though I’m happy to help him explore his bisexual curious side, I have career concerns of my own. See, the things I love most about Elmwood seem shaky and uncertain, but not Riley. He’s solid and genuine. Suddenly, this temporary secret liaison feels more real than anything in my life. 

I need more than this season. I want it all. With Riley.

Next Season is an MM bisexual-awakening romance featuring a grumpy chef, an injured hockey player, and a big HEA in a small town where anything can happen.


ALSO happening in October…the audiobook for YOU, AGAIN (narrated by Nick J. Russo) will be here any second now! I can’t wait for you to hear Vinnie and Nolan’s story. Nick did such a great job on this one. I’ll let you know when it’s LIVE!


And German readers, how fun is this? FAIRY CAKES IN WINTER is now available in German translation. This is light-angst, sexy story about a grumpy baker and a sunny tourist is just the sweet something you need! By the way, YOU, AGAIN is also coming in German soon too!

I have to tell you, we have officially entered my favorite time of year! I love autumn. I love the change of light, the cooler days, and I don’t even mind that it gets dark earlier. Plus…candy corn, Halloween, and holiday cheer on the horizon! All good things.

Happy October and Happy Reading! Lane…and George (this pic is my new screensaver, btw! 😉🐾

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