Visiting Brynn’s Blog Today…Come see please

I don’t know how many blog visits I’ve done over the past couple of months for Better Than Good.  More than I assumed I would simply because when BTG was released I had no idea how to handle the specter we call “social media”.  I have been humbled by the generosity of my fellow DreamspinnerContinue reading “Visiting Brynn’s Blog Today…Come see please”

Superstitious? Yeah…I am

I know it sounds crazy and perhaps improbable but I think I have a clairvoyant side.  I’m serious.  Or I have an inflated view of my natural instincts and am prone to reading more into simple details than I should.  Who knows?  A slightly clairvoyant bent sounds better and… it’s my blog so we’ll goContinue reading “Superstitious? Yeah…I am”

Suicide Prevention Hop “Power in Support”

I remember someone I admired once when I was younger giving me a sage piece of advice when life felt a little heavier and harder to cope with than ever before.  “This may seem so difficult now, but it will seem very insignificant this time next year and even more so the following year.  YouContinue reading “Suicide Prevention Hop “Power in Support””

It’s My Blog & I’ll Post Good Reviews if I Want To… (music fades)

Okay Okay… Old news to some, but never to me!!  There were a few review sites that I learned in my greenest days (I’m still a shade of emerald, I know) had requested a copy of BTG, one of them was Worlds of Diversity.  I kept checking their site like a new mother checks onContinue reading “It’s My Blog & I’ll Post Good Reviews if I Want To… (music fades)”

Sinfully Sexy…I think I love them

It’s been almost two months exactly since “Better Than Good” was released and it’s been a cool fun ride.  I’ve been extraordinarily pleased with my book’s reception, but no one really tells you that after six weeks you’re old news.  I get it.  We live in a fast paced age where consumerism meets instant gratification.Continue reading “Sinfully Sexy…I think I love them”

Washington DC…home of Better Than Good

Recently I’ve been on a whirlwind of travel, which has taken me to two of my favorite cities, namely NYC (my most favorite ever!!) and San Francisco (very close second).  Neither trip was as long as I would have liked but I was just grateful to go.  I have a travel bug.  Sure I wasContinue reading “Washington DC…home of Better Than Good”

San Francisco!

I’m heading up north tomorrow to San Fran, one of my all time favorite cities.  I know, I know…I already said NYC was my #1 and I’m not changing my mind, but I will say that San Francisco is a close second.  It has all the heart, charm, diversity, history, beauty I sometimes find sorelyContinue reading “San Francisco!”

Welcome Rob Colton!!… Author of “The Ranch Foreman”

This is my first blog featuring another author!  Yeah!  So let me begin with saying I’m very proud and pleased to have Rob Colton here to tell us about his recently released novella, The Ranch Foreman.   Hey Everybody! My name is Rob Colton and I’m here to preview my brand new novella, The RanchContinue reading “Welcome Rob Colton!!… Author of “The Ranch Foreman””

Reader Appreciation Day & My Dad

I’m excited to be participating in RAD tomorrow, Aug.17th!  As a first time published author it’s been amazing to get such fantastic feedback for “Better Than Good”.  (I’m attaching a review from Top 2Bottom, just to emphasize how freaking cool this all is!)  Tomorrow is also the three year anniversary of my dad’s passing.  IContinue reading “Reader Appreciation Day & My Dad”