We’re Bragging About “Better Than Good”

As a new author, I have to say… you gotta love positive feedback.  Actually, positive feedback every day of the week sounds even better.  But we take what we can get, right?  That being said, I received a fun email this morning from AllRomance.com letting me know that “BTG” had moved up to #25 on their best seller list.  I know, I know… there is still a long way to go, but I’ll take a moment to bask before I’m back in my car picking kids up from the beach.  Here is AllRomance’s link to purchase:


First Reviews In…

I received a couple of reviews over this last week and they’ve been 4stars with positive feedback.  I’m over the moon!  The general consensus is the readers love Aaron.  I know!  Me too!  I love his passionate nature and spirit.  I’m very drawn to people like him although as Matt notes at one point in the story “Aaron was that strange personality we all run into once in a while that is overly familiar in ways that make you feel you’re two steps behind.  You want to catch up, but they always seem to know more about you than you do.”  A little intimidating, but worth it.


First Post

This marks my first official blog post!  I’ll have to make it quick because I have friends coming over and there is food to prepare, however… tomorrow is a big day for me.  My very first book is being released.  I’m excited, nervous, etc.  I absolutely love the characters and hope my audience will as well.  Character driven books are my absolute favorite.  Honestly if you don’t care about or feel you know the main characters, how can you care about what they’re going through?  More later! Less than 24 hours and counting…