Out in the Deep



Maybe I’m a little too serious. I’ve been called a type-A personality and I’m okay with that. But this is my last year playing college water polo and I’m going to soak up every minute before I move on. The only real kink in my plan is the new guy on the team… aka, my nemesis. Or is he?

Gabe has big Olympic dreams. His transfer between Southern California universities has nothing to do with scholastics. I should admire his intensity, but he drives me crazy. And yet, I can’t deny that he’s good looking and smart. I don’t get it. I’m straight.

Aren’t I?

Out in the Deep is a low-angst MM romance, bisexual coming out story where unwitting friendship and mutual attraction collide. Derek and Gabe will have to decide if this is the real thing or if they’re about to lose it all in the dee