Out in the End Zone



The football player, the cheerleader, and an indecent proposal…


Football is the best. I had high hopes to play in the NFL one day, however, fate had other ideas and accidents happen. But that’s okay. I’ve learned the hard way to embrace change, take chances, and try things outside of my comfort zone…like agreeing to play fake boyfriends for someone else’s senior project.


My senior project is going to be amazing. I need it to be fabulous to get into grad school and I think my idea is brilliant. Everyone loves a slice of reality TV and a chance to stick their noses in someone else’s business. I doubt anyone will believe the hunky football player is my new boyfriend, but it’s worth a shot.

Out in the End Zone is a low-angst MM romance, bisexual coming out story. When the lines between reality and fiction blur, it may be time to face old demons and come out in the end zone.