THE JOCK SCRIPT is Available on Audio!

Woohoo! THE JOCK SCRIPT audiobook is LIVE! I can’t wait for you to hear Alexander Cendese’s narration of Asher and Blake’s story. He does nerds and jocks so well! Check out the sample/purchase link here. The nerd, the coach, the hookup… and the script to set things right! Asher is a bow-tie wearing scientist andContinue reading “THE JOCK SCRIPT is Available on Audio!”

3 Days Till Leaning Into Forever is Here!!

The wait is almost over! Leaning Into Forever will officially be released Friday, June 29. There’s a strong possibility Geordie and Levi’s story will be out a little earlier. Amazon has a funny way of being unpredictable about these things. Look for as early as Wednesday. I’ll post the Amazon link here as soon asContinue reading “3 Days Till Leaning Into Forever is Here!!”

Better Than Chance is available on Amazon too!

Finally! It’s available on Amazon in the US. For those of you in the UK who were asking, I believe you are in business also.  Here is the link: *Remember reviews and ratings are tips for authors, so please feel free to leave a share your thoughts.