It’s A Little Bit Funny, This Feeling Inside

It’s been a big week already and it’s only Tuesday!  I have nothing tangible to show so even though it’s April Fool’s Day, you’ll have to trust me.  It’s more of a sense of accomplishment that is difficult to quantify or qualify.  But I’ll try… I finished my fourth novel and submitted it to theContinue reading “It’s A Little Bit Funny, This Feeling Inside”

I’m a Sucker for a Good Review

It’s true.  SidLove loved “BTG” and I’m over the moon!  Not just the 4.5 star rating, but because the review was thoughtful, well-written and the reviewer (Danielle) seemed to totally get the characters.  (Okay,okay the 4.5 stars did help…such a sucker).  Anyway… it’s true that positive feedback helps keep one positive.  I don’t seem quiteContinue reading “I’m a Sucker for a Good Review”