Happy Thanksgiving! And Deleted Scene Surprise & Updates!

Happy Thanksgiving!! November has been such a busy month and now that the holidays are officially here, it’s about to get even busier! I wanted to update you on a few new happenings before the madness begins. LOL. First up, Leaning Into a Wish, my first ever published holiday novella, is now available on audio.Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving! And Deleted Scene Surprise & Updates!”

Better Than Halloween- Surprise Post!!

Happy Halloween! Our trick-or-treaters will be descending in the next hour or two. I have lots of candy on hand…M&Ms, Butterfingers, KitKats. The usual. And I figured I’d look for a reader treat too. I dug up a short story I wrote for Matt and Aaron. It was written immediately after Better Than Good soContinue reading “Better Than Halloween- Surprise Post!!”