7 Days and Counting until Leaning Into Always is Here!

Usually I would have begun my countdown a few days ago, but I was on a mini vacation in NYC.  The trip was our pre-25 year anniversary treat to ourselves and a means to keep me occupied after dropping our youngest child off at college. We survived the teary good-bye and went on to haveContinue reading “7 Days and Counting until Leaning Into Always is Here!”

Leaning Into Always Cover Reveal!

Here it is! Isn’t it pretty? So Southern California beachy and fresh! I love it! Some readers may be thinking…”wait, isn’t the Leaning Into Stories series set in San Francisco?” Yes, that’s true, but Eric and Zane from Leaning Into Love are both from So Cal (*cough… from my hometown specifically). When the boys headContinue reading “Leaning Into Always Cover Reveal!”

Coming Soon News…

My precious blog has collected a bit of dust. I’d apologize but my excuse is pretty damn good!  I have back-to-back releases coming next month. Woohoo!  This is a first for me. Add RT and RL and you could say May has been busy and June will be off the charts! LOL About these releases… AContinue reading “Coming Soon News…”