Better Than Wedding- Part 7 – A Matt & Aaron Short Story

Ta da! Here’s another installment in Matt & Aaron’s trip to the altar short story. There are approximately three more chapters left. I’ll be out of town next weekend so look for chapter 8 in two weeks. Also… audiobook fans, be sure to look for Leaning Into Touch! It should be released sometime this week.Continue reading “Better Than Wedding- Part 7 – A Matt & Aaron Short Story”

Leaning Into the Look COVER REVEAL!

I’m thrilled to announce that Leaning Into the Look, Book 6 in my Leaning Into Series will be here March 23! That’s just over four short weeks from today. Woohoo! While we’re waiting, we might as well enjoy the beautiful new cover by Reese Dante… Ta da! Readers who are familiar with the other booksContinue reading “Leaning Into the Look COVER REVEAL!”