Leaning Into the Look is LIVE!!

Leaning Into the Look is here earlier than expected! Woohoo! Thank you, Amazon! I’m so excited to finally share Grant and Miles’s story. There’s nothing I love more than a tale about two very different people who begin a journey as polar opposites and eventually realize they have more in common than they imagined. AndContinue reading “Leaning Into the Look is LIVE!!”

Leaning Into Touch is LIVE on Amazon!

Josh and Finn’s story is finally here! Those of you’ve read the previous books in the series may remember Josh is part of the close-knit group of college friends living in San Francisco. And Finn… he’s the Irishman the others aren’t so sure can be trusted. He’s handsome and charismatic but aloof which is whyContinue reading “Leaning Into Touch is LIVE on Amazon!”