Cover Reveal Coming This Week!

Finally! If I’ve been a little quiet, it’s because I’m madly preparing for two releases next month. Woohoo! I’ve headed back to my Leaning Into series and my San Francisco boys. First up is Leaning Into Always. This novella belongs to Eric and Zane from Leaning Into Love. It’s a part two to their story,Continue reading “Cover Reveal Coming This Week!”

A Kind of Home Blog Tour Continues!

There are two stops on the A Kind of Home blog tour today. One with “deleted scenes” content and the other with a short interview with moi! Also, for the international readers still in need of a copy of A Way with Words, be sure to stop by Love Bytes tomorrow. I’ll be giving awayContinue reading “A Kind of Home Blog Tour Continues!”

GRL & the Upcoming Aaron & Matt Short Story!!

So I went to my first GRL this weekend.  It’s still such an anomaly for me to travel alone and go places where I’ll literally know maybe one or two faces.  I’m not shy by any means but it’s stepping outside of my comfort zone, and in the case of GRL I didn’t know whatContinue reading “GRL & the Upcoming Aaron & Matt Short Story!!”