Safe Spaces

Politics isn’t one of my favorite topics. It’s always been one of those divisive conversations that can turn a dinner party upside down after a few too many glasses of wine. I rarely if ever talk politics in an MM romance forum. To me this is a sacred place. A safe space where we celebrateContinue reading “Safe Spaces”

Matt Sullivan Talks Bi-Pride

Matt Sullivan Better Than Good, Lane Hayes Almost three years ago now I met someone who changed my life.  Everything about me.  My direction, my plans for a future and ultimately how I viewed myself.  I fell in love with someone so bright, so beautiful and so completely the opposite of me it was difficultContinue reading “Matt Sullivan Talks Bi-Pride”

Suicide Prevention Hop “Power in Support”

I remember someone I admired once when I was younger giving me a sage piece of advice when life felt a little heavier and harder to cope with than ever before.  “This may seem so difficult now, but it will seem very insignificant this time next year and even more so the following year.  YouContinue reading “Suicide Prevention Hop “Power in Support””