🏒📚 COVER/BLURB REVEAL SURPRISE!🏒📚 I’m so excited to share this brand-new short story with you! Check out the blurb and the gorgeous cover by Cate Ashwood! This novella will be available on Friday, May 1 and for one whole week, it will be FREE!! Details to follow! Mark your calendars! And yes, it’s coming onContinue reading “COVER and BLURB REVEAL! OUT IN SPRING is Coming Soon!”

Right and Wrong is Now on KU! And a Surprise!

In difficult time, I turn to books. Whether I’m reading or writing them, words are my happy place. And as we collectively traverse this unprecedented era in our lives, I find myself with my nose in my Kindle more often than not. LOL It’s always been my goal to make my work as assessable. Quite aContinue reading “Right and Wrong is Now on KU! And a Surprise!”

My First Writer’s Workshop

Life is dotted with “firsts”.  First day of school.  First time away from home.  First day on a new job.  There are other memorable first, such as first crush, first kiss and sexual firsts.  But those aren’t the ones I’m talking about.  I’m referring to the initial experience in which you walk into a roomContinue reading “My First Writer’s Workshop”