ByeBye 2013! Can’t wait for 2014!

On one level, I hated 2013.  It was so stressful.  Financially and personally.  I’m not a negative person.  I tend to be a glass half-full gal all the time.  Things not going your way?  Don’t worry!  It will soon turn around!  Unfortunately, even the most optimistic crack under pressure.  I dropped weight (not a goodContinue reading “ByeBye 2013! Can’t wait for 2014!”

Please Welcome Author H.Lewis-Foster!

H. Lewis-Foster is here to talk about her new short story, A Valet’s Duty.  As a huge fan of Regency romance, I am excited to read this novella.  Thank you for being here today! Thanks very much for having me on your blog today, Lane—it’s lovely to be here. Well, it’s certainly been a busy fewContinue reading “Please Welcome Author H.Lewis-Foster!”