Better Than Friends Updates…Amazon & Goodreads

Better Than Friends is live on Amazon but I’m still working on having it sync with the other books.  Hopefully that will be fixed in the next day or so.  In the meantime…(happy dance), BTF is #11 on Amazon’s Bestseller list for LGBT romance.  Very exciting!!  If you don’t mind adding your thoughts to theContinue reading “Better Than Friends Updates…Amazon & Goodreads”

Better Than Chance is available on Amazon too!

Finally! It’s available on Amazon in the US. For those of you in the UK who were asking, I believe you are in business also.  Here is the link: *Remember reviews and ratings are tips for authors, so please feel free to leave a share your thoughts.

Sinfully Sexy…I think I love them

It’s been almost two months exactly since “Better Than Good” was released and it’s been a cool fun ride.  I’ve been extraordinarily pleased with my book’s reception, but no one really tells you that after six weeks you’re old news.  I get it.  We live in a fast paced age where consumerism meets instant gratification.Continue reading “Sinfully Sexy…I think I love them”

I’m a Sucker for a Good Review

It’s true.  SidLove loved “BTG” and I’m over the moon!  Not just the 4.5 star rating, but because the review was thoughtful, well-written and the reviewer (Danielle) seemed to totally get the characters.  (Okay,okay the 4.5 stars did help…such a sucker).  Anyway… it’s true that positive feedback helps keep one positive.  I don’t seem quiteContinue reading “I’m a Sucker for a Good Review”