Better Than Friends is Available Today!! Happy Release Day to Me!

Finally it’s here, the third book in the Better Than Stories.  It’s live at Dreamspinner Press and will be live shortly at Amazon (they take their time apparently).  A big thank you to all the wonderful readers who came by my blog to wait out the release with me by reading Better Than Pride.  YourContinue reading “Better Than Friends is Available Today!! Happy Release Day to Me!”

Gay Pride Month Virtual Round Table

Pride is a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by other people (Merriam-Webster).  Simple enough, right? Not always.  As the mother of a gay son (20yrs old), pride may have a slightly different meaning for me on a personal level.  All parents want their kids to be happy.  They want themContinue reading “Gay Pride Month Virtual Round Table”

Welcome Rob Colton!!… Author of “The Ranch Foreman”

This is my first blog featuring another author!  Yeah!  So let me begin with saying I’m very proud and pleased to have Rob Colton here to tell us about his recently released novella, The Ranch Foreman.   Hey Everybody! My name is Rob Colton and I’m here to preview my brand new novella, The RanchContinue reading “Welcome Rob Colton!!… Author of “The Ranch Foreman””