The Leaning Into Series is a full-circle reading experience in that it begins and ends with the same couple. Eric and Zane start us off in back-to-back novellas, Leaning Into Love and Leaning Into Always. The boys have known each other since middle school but didn’t become friends until college. Zane is a cool dude…aContinue reading “LEANING INTO SERIES-THE COMPLETE BOX SET is LIVE Now on Amazon KU!”

Leaning Into Touch Cover Reveal!!!

Leaning Into Touch will be here October 5 but there’s no way I could wait to show off this gorgeous new cover. Isn’t it fabulous? Reese Dante has done it again! Leaning Into Touch belongs to Josh and Finn. If you’ve read the other books in the series, you may remember Josh is part ofContinue reading “Leaning Into Touch Cover Reveal!!!”

Leaning Into the Fall Blog Tour Continues!

There are four stops today on the Leaning Into the Fall blog tour with exclusive material including an excerpt and my personal soundtrack for the book. 😉  Be sure to check them out and enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win! *Btw, I took the photo above from the Ferry Building in the EmbarcaderoContinue reading “Leaning Into the Fall Blog Tour Continues!”

Leaning Into Love is Available Now on Amazon KU!!

It’s live! Woohoo! This is kind of exciting! Leaning Into Love is my first attempt self-pub. I haven’t begun a series with a short story before but I like the idea of getting a quick overall before really becoming immersed in the character’s lives. My guys from San Francisco are college buddies. The series beginsContinue reading “Leaning Into Love is Available Now on Amazon KU!!”

Leaning Into Love Cover Reveal!

Every new series deserves a shiny new cover. Leaning Into Love will be re-released on Friday, February 10 on Amazon KU. You may remember this short story was part of the It Was Always You anthology. Sadly, the anthology is no longer available, however, I’m re-releasing my short (with a bonus chapter!) because Leaning Into Love isContinue reading “Leaning Into Love Cover Reveal!”

San Francisco Mañana! That Means the Castro, Hot Cookie &…

I can’t wait!  It’s another short visit but I don’t mind.  My plans are loose which initially bugged me, but now I’m kind of liking the idea of doing whatever I want.  For instance, maybe I’ll take in a Giants game?  One of the MCs in my upcoming release Better Than Friends is a Giants fan,Continue reading “San Francisco Mañana! That Means the Castro, Hot Cookie &…”

San Francisco!

I’m heading up north tomorrow to San Fran, one of my all time favorite cities.  I know, I know…I already said NYC was my #1 and I’m not changing my mind, but I will say that San Francisco is a close second.  It has all the heart, charm, diversity, history, beauty I sometimes find sorelyContinue reading “San Francisco!”