5 Days and Counting till NEXT SEASON is Here! And New French & Italian Translations!

Just a couple more days till NEXT SEASON is available! And if you love a grumpy/sunshine romance, this one is for you! Jean-Claude is a cranky chef with a secret past and Riley is an injured pro hockey player who just wants to get back on the ice. Neither is looking for anything special, but the best things happen when you least expect them!



And check this out! I have two brand new foreign translations, one in French and one in Italian! The French translation of Leaning Into Forever… Pour..l’éternité is available now! And Out in the Deep…Dove l’acqua è più profonda is available in Italian translation. Coming soon to German…The Humbug Holiday!

I’m traveling on the East Coast with my mother for a few days visiting old family friends…and missing George. But wow…look at these colors!

Happy Reading! Lane xo

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