Gay Pride Month Virtual Round Table

ImagePride is a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by other people (Merriam-Webster).  Simple enough, right? Not always.  As the mother of a gay son (20yrs old), pride may have a slightly different meaning for me on a personal level.  All parents want their kids to be happy.  They want them to interact well with other kids, have tons of friends and grow into well-adjusted, intelligent adults who are ready, willing and able to take their place as mature citizens.  It’s difficult and at times, heart wrenching to know my son struggles with his sexuality.  He isn’t always proud to be a gay man.  I hate that.  To me, the parent speaking, Pride is enormously important. I’ll go into my reasons in depth when it’s my turn to take the floor (virtually), but in the meantime please join in the month-long discussion in honor of LGBT Pride. 

I am among a great group of panelists who will be hosting a month long discussion about Pride, LGBT Youth, Allies, and more. Our panelists are a diverse group of readers, writers, and supporters of gay fiction, including Larry Benjamin, Rick Bettencourt, Brandilyn Carpenter, Rob Colton, Andrew Q Gordon, Debbie McGowan, Brandon Shire and me. Each week, two people will answer two questions related LGBT pride, rights, and related topics. We will also be giveaway free copies of eBooks by our participating authors and a Amazon gift card. You can enter by clicking on the RaffleCopter link below. There are special entries for each week of June, so don’t miss out on those.  This week, Andrew Q. Gordon and Debbie McGowan answer questions on their blog.  Please check them out and comment for a chance to win!  Prize includes a chance to win my newest release, by the way 🙂 Better Than Friends!

Andrew Q. Gordon:

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Prizes (4 winners):
$ 10 Amazon GC, eBook Listening to Dust by Brandon Shire, & eBook Not Sure Boys by Rick Bettencourt
$ 10 Amazon GC, eBook Painting with Wine by Rick Bettencourt, & eBook from Andrew Q Gordon’s backlist
$ 10 Amazon GC, eBook Unbroken by Larry Benjamin, & eBook Champagne by Debbie McGowen
$ 10 Amazon GC, eBook from Rob Colton’s backlist, & eBook from Lane Hayes’ backlist
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